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Have you tried various dieting methods, without much success? Today's low fiber, over-processed foods can lead to Obesity. For that reason, we offer MetaTrophin, an easy three phase weight loss protocol with hCG and Vitamin B12, designed to help you experience substantial weight loss, nutritional education, normalized metabolism and the ability to keep the pounds off for good. This is a real weight loss cure, not a temporary fix!

What is hCG?

HCG is scientifically defined as Human Chorionic Gonadotropin. It is a naturally occuring protein hormone that helps to reset your metabolism to normal. It has been successfully used in diets for over fifty years. Some of the benefits for the hCG diet are:

» Reduces Fat Deposits
» Promotes Energy & Vitality
» Normalizes Appetite
» Maintains Muscle Mass

How Does hCG Weight Loss Work?

A very small amount of hCG disconnects the mobile fat of people's body, and helps burn and discharge the unwanted fat. The hCG hormone is able to open fat cell membranes so that fatty acids are able to leave the fat cells.

The renowned HCG protocol, follows a restricted caloric diet, which causes you to release your unwanted, abnormal fat (fat around your belly, hips, rear, thighs, neck and chin) leaving your normal fat (good fat) and your lean muscle mass, while helping your hypothalamus to reset your system to a normal weight, allowing you to keep your weight while eating healthy foods after you complete the hCG weight loss protocol. The fat comes off where you want it most, your troubled areas!

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