Boca Medical Therapy Testimonials

I retired to S. Florida from Michigan hoping to enjoy the weather and stay fit. The weather was great but my back wasn't. Constant low back pain shooting into my hips. I was told I have arthritis and disc herniations and that I have to live with my problem. I was tired of medication. I found Boca Medical at my gym and began low back spinal decompression. Now my back is as good as the weather! Even though I've had a knee replacement, I can now enjoy my gym classes pain free. I've even started a dog walking business. Spinal decompression has really worked for me.
- Barbara M.


As a personal trainer I didn't think it looked good to be walking around bent over with back pain half the time. I was shocked to hear that I have early disc degeneration and severe bulging. Pain was even radiating around my groin region. I didn't want to continue relying on prescription anti-inflammatories. I wanted to try something more natural and turned to Boca Medical by my gym. Spinal decompression therapy was a huge success for me. I am now working out pain free and encourage my neck and back suffering clients to try spinal decompression.
- Matthew C.


I was a very active senior until my last car accident. My husband and I had treated successfully at Boca Medical Therapy some years ago, so I decided to seek them out again. They looked at my CT scans of my neck and told me about spinal decompression therapy! Well my neck was a mess. I had constant pain and was starting to look like a hunched over old lady. Worst of all was the constant ache shooting under my shoulder blade. Both arms were terribly achy. I felt quite delicate but I decided to try the decompression. Much to my surprise, it was very gentle and low and behold, slowly but surely, things started to dramatically improve. The terrible shoulder blade was gone. Their natural supplementation has also been a big help. If you're suffering from neck or back pain definitely see if you're a candidate.
- Judy G.


I've been in a number of car accidents throughout the last ten years. I gradually developed a constant aching pain in my neck. It felt like it was in cement. My shoulders developed a debilitating stiffness. Turning my head to the right or looking up was almost impossible. I tried and number of standard medical treatments. Spinal injections only offered temporary relief. I certainly did not want suggested surgery. My wife and son had gone to Boca Medical Therapy in past with good results so I thought I'd give their spinal decompression tables a try. I am a third of the way through treatments, the pain is going and amazingly I can look to the right and up for the first time in years. I'm handing out the business cards like crazy.
- Donald H.


I am 69 years old and approximately 3-4 years ago I developed intense pain with sitting or standing for greater than 15-20 minutes. Pain and aching started down the back of both legs. I could not fully stride out any longer. A battery of test revealed a combination of disc degeneration, spinal stenosis and sciatica. My orthopedic surgeon son suggested epidural injections and if they failed, surgery. Well they did fail and I did not want risky surgery. I finally began decompression therapy at Boca Medical and felt incredible relief after only the second treatment. I'm feeling almost cured after the 12th visit. I can now go about my busy nutritional practice pain free. I'm recommending all of my back and neck patients for spinal decompression therapy.
- Dr. Barry Nevins


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